Running Shoes that Give You Tips on How to Run Better



April 2017

The Altra Torin IQ, created by Tech Firm iFit, is a running shoe that monitors how you run. While you’re running the shoes give you feedback on how to run better. The shoes also connect to an app, where you can view the data from the shoes.

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Visual Experience

When you hear about an accident, you’ll probably know what happened and that it’s a bad thing, but do you actually imagine it? The trend Visual Experience is about seeing things that are sometimes a little bit harder to actually imagine and understand by making it more real to the person experiencing it. (own trend)

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Google Designs Dresses



February 2017

Together with Ivyrevel, Google has created a new app. You can specify the occasion you’ll need the dress for and the app will begin to create the Data_Dress. The app keeps track of your daily routine and activities and based on that information it’ll customize the dress. This way you will always get an unique dress that suits your personality.

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