Pillow that Stimulates Natural Light


Mode Modern

May 2017

Mode Modern has created a new kind of pillow that helps people getting up more natural in the morning. The pillow mimics natural sunlight, which causes us to wake up more vibrant and fit.

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Earplugs that Filter out Sound



May 2017

Knops is an earplug that lets you decide how much you want to hear. It works like a volume button and has 4 different settings. Depending on which setting it’s on, the plugs will filter out all kinds of sounds from your environment.

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Capacity Capture

capacity capture.jpg

lejardindutemps via Tumblr

Why would you throw something that might still be useful? That is the question around Capacity Capture. Capacity Capture is a trend based on the principle of finding more efficient and eco-friendly ways to process our resources to find a good balance between all the products we throw away and the products we actually reuse. From food to oil, from oil to energy, everything has to be used to its fullest extent. (Trendwatching, 2016)

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The Online Fashion Library


LENA The Fashion Library

March 2017

LENA is an online library for clothes. After you’ve selected the pieces you want, you’ll be able to choose whether to pick up the clothes at the library, at one of the swap.points in Amsterdam or to get it delivered. There are various subscriptions available; small, medium and large, each varying in price and the number of points.

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