A Nightwatch that lets People Know if a Loved One is having an Epileptic Attack



The NightWatch was developed by Livassured to others when the wearer is having an epileptic attack. Patients can wear the watch at night to be sure someone will wake them when an attack occurs.

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Albert Heijn Vegetable Alternatives


Albert Heijn

March 2017

Supermarket Albert Heijn is trying very hard to get their customers to eat more vegetables. In order to make that work, they’ve healthy alternatives made from vegetables. Their assortment contains products like spaghetti alternatives made from courgette and rice alternatives made from broccoli. This way people who find it difficult to eat vegetables, are still able to create their favourite meal, that usually doesn’t contain very much veggies, in a healthy and nutrient way.

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A Healthy Hand

It’s safe to assume that most people enjoy feeling fit and comfortable in their own skin. Eating healthy to accomplish this though, might turn out to be a bit tricky. Whether people can’t stand the temptation of a quick snack or they simply don’t know how to eat healthy, help is on their way. A Healthy Hand is a trend focussing on stimulating healthy eating by constantly reminding people of what are healthy options through everyday life. A Healthy Hand is there to give the people a hand at the exact moment they might be thinking about food but still struggle to eat healthy. (own trend)

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Eco-Filling is about a new way of living in a city that keeps getting more crowded, while still being as eco-friendly as possible. Whether this means we will go up or down to create more space to live and work, we’ll make it so that not only we benefit from it, but nature too. The space we have is going to be used to its fullest extent, but this time in a green way. (own trend)

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An App that Stimulates Eating Vegetables


Albert Heijn

April 2017

Dutch Supermarket Albert Heijn is starting a new service called AH Groenteboost, which translates to AH Vegetableboost. This service works with Facebook Messenger. By sending a message in messenger, you can turn the service on. You will then atomically receive various tips and tricks to eat more vegetables. This way the supermarket is aiming to stimulate the consumption of vegetables amongst its customers.

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