A Tunnel that makes it Possible for Cars to Travel Faster through Cities


Screenshot Video

April 2017

The Boring Company is working on a new project that involves a big network of tunnels. The tunnels are meant to transport cars, people, cyclers etc. trough the cities in no time.

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The Moving City of the Future

Moving city


January 2017

Self-driving cars may not only be used for transportation in the future. Design firm NewDealDesign has come up with their concept called Autonomics, in which they plan on using self-moving vehicles to build an entire city. People will be able to just step in one of the self-moving cars and while they’re moving around they’ll come across bigger vehicles which they can enter from the car they’re in at the moment without stopping or slowing down. The bigger vehicle could contain a meeting spot for example like a restaurant and shops. It’ll also be possible to get delivery to the vehicle you’re currently in.

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