Get a 3D Copy of Yourself

3d kopie.PNG

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April 2017

At the Mediamarkt in Eindhoven, people are now able get a 3D copy of their selves, their pets or their children.

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Heinekens ‘Open Your World’ Commercial


Screenshot Video

April 2017

Heineken has launched a new campaign that encourages people to open up their world by getting to know people, who are totally different from them. The video shows people, who have totally different opinions on climate change, transgender rights and feminism, working together without knowing each other’s thoughts on the matter and then finding out how different they are. They then share a beer to talk about their differences.

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The Online Fashion Library


LENA The Fashion Library

March 2017

LENA is an online library for clothes. After you’ve selected the pieces you want, you’ll be able to choose whether to pick up the clothes at the library, at one of the swap.points in Amsterdam or to get it delivered. There are various subscriptions available; small, medium and large, each varying in price and the number of points.

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