Visual Experience

When you hear about an accident, you’ll probably know what happened and that it’s a bad thing, but do you actually imagine it? The trend Visual Experience is about seeing things that are sometimes a little bit harder to actually imagine and understand by making it more real to the person experiencing it. (own trend)

Moonlite: Projector for Bedtime Stories

The Moonlite is a little projector that parents can clip to the flashlight of their phone. Parents can use this to project various images on their children’s walls or ceiling to illustrate their bedtime stories. Along with the help of different sound effects that are playable from the app, the Moonlite is meant to make the stories a bit more magical by bringing them to life. (Rebot, 2016)

Coughing Anti-Smoke Billboard

Seeing the results of their smoking habits, by putting gory images on cigarette packs, prevented a lot of people from smoking. Over 90 percent of the questioned Canadian youth has indicated that the images on the cigarette packages have made them more aware of the consequences of smoking. (Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 2015)

The Swedish pharmacy, Apoteket Hjärtat, has also been addressing smokers in a very confronting way. The pharmacy placed a billboard, equipped with smoke detectors, in an area that’s usually very popular among smokers. The billboard shows the face of a man who, as soon as the billboard detects cigarette smoke, will start to cough as a reaction. The board points out their unhealthy habit to them by making them see that their smoke can cause a negative reaction. (Beltrone, 2017)

Doodle3D Transform

Doodle3D Transform is a design tool that allows users to easily turn their 2D doodles and drawings into a 3D design. The app helps converting the 2D design into a 3D model with the use of various tools. With a couple of touches the design is ready. Eventually the drawing is even fit to be printed by a 3D printer. (Doodle3D, 2016)

Doodle3d Transform.gif



Because of the big flow of information we get every day via the internet, it becomes harder to get a good grip on all the information we receive. The enormous internet usage is affecting our ability to process and analyse the subjects we learn about. This means that everything we read about becomes something abstract instead of something we can imagine. (Weyers, The Internet’s Impact on Our Thinking, 2012) The way this trend relates to this is that it helps us to really see and experience again.

Future Potential

In the future this trend might develop further to help us with daily tasks. I think augmented reality is going to play a big role in our everyday life. For example, augmented reality could help us to try out a different hairstyle, putting on makeup, decoration or imagining how a building is going to look before it’s even there. I predict that in the future we will have all kind of tools to help us get an idea about how things, that aren’t exactly on our mind we do them or hear about hem, actually are or are going to be.


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