The Online Fashion Library


LENA The Fashion Library

March 2017

LENA is an online library for clothes. After you’ve selected the pieces you want, you’ll be able to choose whether to pick up the clothes at the library, at one of the swap.points in Amsterdam or to get it delivered. There are various subscriptions available; small, medium and large, each varying in price and the number of points.

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Order a Tailor Online

Order a Tailor Online

December 2016

Web shop Zalando has been busy testing a new service. Customers in Berlin are able to not just order clothing, but now they can also order a tailor that will come to their home. The idea, ‘Order a Tailor”, is a result of the annual hackweek Zalando organises, where people can pitch new ideas for them.

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Website to Give Chinese Babies an English Name

Chinese babies

September 2016

When Chinese people want to work of study abroad, their names can cause a bit of a barrier. This is why parents often give them a second name in English. The only problem is that they don’t know which names are appropriate enough, since they often get them from pop culture. For this reason, Beau Jessup created a website for future parents in China who are planning on giving their child an English name. The website gives them several names, based on various traits.

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