A Vending Machine that Makes you Wait Longer for Unhealthy Snacks


Brad Appelhans

March 2017

DISC (Delays to Influence Healthy Snack Choice) is a device that can be installed in vending machines. This device ensures that, when someone chooses an unhealthy snack, that person has to wait an extra 25 seconds. This way the option of choosing something healthier is made more appealing.

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A Cookbook for When You’re Stoned


Rebecca Camphens

February 2017

A Dutch duo called Adna Ghilazghi and Hendrawanto van Renen, also known as Ome Ad and Chef Wanto, have come up with the idea to create a cookbook full of recipes for when you get the munchies after smoking some weed. The recipes are all easily made so you don’t have to make a lot of effort preparing it when you’re hungry.

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