An App that Stimulates Eating Vegetables


Albert Heijn

April 2017

Dutch Supermarket Albert Heijn is starting a new service called AH Groenteboost, which translates to AH Vegetableboost. This service works with Facebook Messenger. By sending a message in messenger, you can turn the service on. You will then atomically receive various tips and tricks to eat more vegetables. This way the supermarket is aiming to stimulate the consumption of vegetables amongst its customers.

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A Service that lets you Hire Friends for your Social Media Account

Real appeal.png

Real Appeal

March 2017

The Real Appeal is a service that allows you to hire “friends”. After you’ve specified what kind of person you want, he/she will come to the arranged location to take pictures with you. These pictures you can use to trick people on Social Media into thinking these models are your friends.

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