Eco-Filling is about a new way of living in a city that keeps getting more crowded, while still being as eco-friendly as possible. Whether this means we will go up or down to create more space to live and work, we’ll make it so that not only we benefit from it, but nature too. The space we have is going to be used to its fullest extent, but this time in a green way. (own trend)


Breathe is an environment friendly house, build by MINI Living. The skin of the house works like a membrane, filtering the air from all kinds of filth. The skin is transparent and allows sunlight to shine through the entire house, but is still able to provide the inhabitants from privacy if they wish. On top of the structure, there are various plants that also help clean the air around the house. On top of that, the house also collects its own water by gathering rainwater. Breathe takes up very little space, since it’s a multilevel structure placed between other buildings. (Talkies Lifestyle Magazine, 2017) (Springwise, 2017)

Playground inside coal power station

The eco-friendly energy company Vandebron has plans to buy a coal power station. They want to get rid of the polluting fabric by turning it into a playground. This way the property would gain a totally new destination. (NOS, 2017)




The Groundfridge is a cellar that serves as a big fridge. I first found this signal at the Dutch Design Week 2016 in Eindhoven. The fridge can be placed in for example a garden, so you can store your food underground. Because the fridge is underground, you won’t only spare some space but you don’t even need electricity to power it. The water in the ground will help cool the space and because of the insulation it will remain cool. (Schoonderbeek, 2016)


Cities are becoming more crowded each day. The four biggest Dutch cities will undergo the biggest growth. By the year the 2030 these cities will have grown by an average of 15 percent, compared to the number of inhabitants in 2015 (PBL, CBS, 2016). Because of this we’ll either have to expand our cities or use the space we have more effectively.

When a cities grows it will also mean more pollution, since there will be more households that use fuels, litter and need energy. According to the CBS, we still aren’t producing less CO2. On the contrary, our CO2-emmision in the fourth quarter of 2016 has grown by almost 14 percent, compared to a year earlier (CBS, 2017). If this doesn’t change soon these big cities of the future, will grow to be environmental disasters. That’s why we’re starting to create more sustainable living options.

Future Potential

In my opinion this trend will remain its relevance in the future. Cities continue to keep growing, but we will have to adapt to nature. My city of the future will rise higher into the air to make room for water and plants underneath. Maybe our city will only be resting on the ground with the help of a few poles and we’ll have glasslike roads and buildings to enable the sun to reach the plants. The plants will provide us with cleaner air and the cities will run on clean energy. In the city of the future we’ll have created more space for us to live on, but also have taken nature into an account.


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