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In the modern society, diversity is starting to become something to be celebrated instead of just being “odd”. The world is changing and so are the brands we buy. Because our brands say who we are and what we stand for. That’s why we expect brands to also include diversity. No matter someone’s looks, age, beliefs or sexual preference, everyone gets included and everyone should be portraited as equal. Because brands have the power to make people who are different normal. (Trendwatching, 2016) 

Baddie Winkle: Urban Decay’s Monthly Muse

The 88-year-old Helen Ruth Elam van Winkle, better known as Baddie Winkle, is no ordinary lady. Her extravagant style has made her a well-known personality all over the internet, with 2.4 million likes on Facebook (@officialbaddiewinkle, 2017), more than 200.000 followers on twitter (@baddiewinkle, 2017) and 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

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Makeup brand Urban Decay picks a different person every month to be their ‘Monthly Muse’. In December 2016, Urban Decay decided to make Baddie Winkle their muse to promote their brand. In the campaign video she made with Urban Decay, she tells about her love for eyeshadow and lipstick and about how colour inspires her. (Engler, 2016)

 The Transgender Doll

Jazz Jennings was one of the youngest people to ever be documented as transgender. The now 16-year-old Jazz, was born male but identified herself as a girl. Besides starring in a realitieshow, ‘I Am Jazz’, on the channel TLC (TLC, 2017), she writes books to tell more about her life as a transgender and is also busy raising awareness for the LGBT-community and various other causes. (@Jazztrans, 2017)

Now, the Tonner Doll Company has decided to dedicate a doll to Jazz. An interview with Barbara Walters on the new program 20/20 about Jazz’ sexuality, impressed the creator of the doll, Mr. Tonner. The outfit of the Jazz-doll will match the outfit Jazz is wearing on the cover of her book “Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen”.

Jazz 2.jpg

Tonner Doll Company Inc.

A Nike Hijab for Muslim Athletes

The popular sports brand Nike is planning on releasing a new Pro Hijab for Muslim Athletes. The lightweight polyester hijab will make it easier for Muslim women to exercise and move freely while doing this. Nike was inspired by Muslima and Olympic runner Sarah Attar, who wore one during the 2012 Olympics. It has been heavily debated whether or not hijabs should be allowed in sports, because they can pose a physical risk. A special hijab for athletes might solve this problem. Nike is currently performing various tests with the help of various Muslim athletes. Nike hopes to release the hijab in 2018. (Scott, 2017) (Brown, 2017)

Nike Nijab.png



The number of non-western immigrants has almost doubled since 1996 in the Netherlands. While in 1996 there were around 1.2 million non-western immigrants, this number has risen to more than 2 million in 2015. Since the total number of citizens in the Netherlands has only grown with around 1.4 million in that same period, that means our country is getting more and more diverse in culture than before and the same is happing in other western countries. (CBS, 2016) Another development is the fact that the number of elderlies is rising. In the period 2010-2015, the percentage of elderly people has risen with 4.8%. (CBS, 2017)

Paired with the fact that the subject gender identity isn’t something we avoid anymore, brands are more and more focused on diversity. In a the diverse society it is expected that brands go with the time and include that diversity in their marketing and products to reflect their audience, no matter their age, gender of ethnicity.

Future Potential

I think that the trend will go continue for a certain period, but will eventually become a standard. If a brand doesn’t go with the time it loses its relevance. I think it’s important for a company to reflect the audience its targeting. when customers need to choose between a company that focuses on diversity and a company that stuck with the (stereo)typical customer to promote their brand they’ll feel more at home with the first. From superheroes with a different ethical background to same-sex couples in children shows, I believe that in the future most people might not even think weirdly about it, because it has become normal.


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